Assessment & Evaluation



JTL provides psychological evaluation services by licensed psychologists. Thorough testing and assessment allows us to make recommendations regarding a variety of issues, including educational and occupational functioning, psychological and social functioning, as well as, service and treatment needs.


JTL provides psycho-educational evaluations to determine the needs of children and adolescents in our community. This type of evaluation is beneficial in identifying specific educational needs, learning disabilities, giftedness, educational placement, learning styles, and making specific recommendations to help improve educational performance and success.


Psychiatric evaluations, provided by our licensed psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners, are comprehensive evaluations to determine a diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and the need for medication.


JTL provides psychosexual evaluations to children and adolescents who are exhibiting sexual behavior problems. These individualized, comprehensive evaluations are invaluable in assessing psychosexual functioning, determining treatment and service needs, assessing risk, determining safety needs, and making specific recommendations regarding placement and future considerations. JTL has extensive experience and expertise in assessing and treating children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems. 

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