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Our Mission

We're  committed to developing a comprehensive continuum of mental health services  to assure every individual receives appropriate services and support when needed that are guided by the following standards:

Recovery principles are practiced

Consumers and families are empowered to be involved in their treatment

Shared responsibility with consumers, family, staff, and community is demonstrated

Individuals’ unique strengths, needs, and differences are recognized and included in all aspects of service delivery

The rights of individuals are respected and protected

Collaboration of all involved partiesexists

Services are developed, monitored, and evaluated in partnership with consumers and families



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Our Vision

As a behavioral health agency, JTL Mental Health programs promote and encourage hope, wellness, and recovery to all individuals and families in our community as they embark on their journey to mental wellness.

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Our Goal

JTL goal is to provide professional services with an emphasis on psychiatric interventions to assist persons with emotional/behavioral disorders. These services are comprehensive and tailored to meet the needs of the person served and other stakeholders. Service plans are designed to help persons with developmental disabilities and severe and persistent behavioral problems reach their maximum functioning  level in their natural environments, home and community, with the least amount of professional intervention. The methods used to accomplish these goals require developing the specific skills consumer’s/family’s need to function effectively and/or developing the resources needed to support and strengthen the consumer’s present levels of functioning.