We value each of the professional Staff's that we work with at JTL and are honored that many have shared comments for inclusion in this section.

October 2016

For me, JTL has been an agency of stability, low stress and high professional standards that maintains a fun and enjoyable environment .  I’m encouraged to be creative in my work and I’ve been clinically supported by my supervisors and the administrative staff. I appreciate the close working relationship I have with my colleagues and feel accepted and respected form my work and my opinions. In contrast to some of the other community mental health agencies I’ve worked with, I haven’t had to worry about not having enough referrals or whether I will get paid for my services!  In working here, I’m constantly reminded of why I became a therapist — so that I can make a small difference in the lives of others — and JTL provides the environment to make that happen.

Mental Health Professional | 2013-2017

Septemer 2017

Working at JTL is personally and professionally rewarding. The office staff are on top of everything, making sure clients are authorized and care is not interrupted. Clinical staff are knowledgeable and available anytime I need a consult. The office atmosphere is not only professional, but warm, friendly, and inviting, something I have found missing from many other agencies. 

Mental Health Professional | 2014-present

January 2018

JTL has been a really great experience for me.  I have enjoyed working with everyone here.  This is a place where communicating, working well with each other and providing excellent service to the community is highly valued.  It is a place where professional growth and development happens.  

Mental Health Professional | 2016-present

July 2017

Working as a community-based therapist is something I continuously feel grateful for, as I believe the professional experiences I gained were extremely rewarding. Building my caseload was very quick, and the families I worked with were all invested in their treatment, making my job that much easier. Office staff were always available and very knowledgeable, and supported me throughout the process of learning the administrative aspects of the work. The clinical staff was also available to me whenever I needed consultation over a difficult case, assisting me in making clinically sound decisions and growing as a practitioner. I highly recommend working with the JTL team. 

Mental Health Professional | 2016 – 2018

June 2018

My time working with JTL was and continues to be a very rewarding experience. It is refreshing to find a company that cares as much about its employees and clients as JTL . The supervisors are very knowledgeable, caring, responsive and encouraging.  As a new professional, I was afforded a wealth of opportunities and guidance in exploring and developing my therapeutic foundation with a variety of clientele. I look forward to collaborating with JTL in the future.

Mental Health Professional | 2015-2018